Site Administration

This training session looks at the importance of effective site, and contract, administration.  Combined with our training session on Record Keeping, this session can be a useful tool for avoiding disputes. 

The session considers the importance of notices in construction contracts.  Construction contracts require a variety of notices, both under the contract and under statute, to be served by both parties throughout a project.  The effectiveness by which those notices are served and acted upon can have a significant impact on the outcome of a project and on each party’s entitlement (to payment, time and/or damages). 

This session looks at the notices required by the payment mechanisms under the 1996 ‘Construction Act’ and the 2009 ‘Construction Act’ and considers the payment provisions of a standard form contract (JCT, NEC etc to suit the client’s requirements). 

The session also considers other key notices required under standard form contracts including EOT’s, loss and expense, determination and suspension and looks at the questions to ask before serving, or having received, a notice. 

All of our training courses and seminars can be given to a small group of 5 or so delegates up to 50 or more delegates depending on topic and the client’s requirements.